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Radioactive Bodega !!! Here we come 2010 ! IS183 FTW !!!

Do you remember the Hairball, it was all about hair, you helped, it was great, 450 people showed up, it helped keep the doors open at IS183. Well that was last year, this year it’s all about Radioactive Bodega. What the hell is that you may be asking, well, we are not exactly sure. We […]

A Big Thank You !

We at the production committee would like to thank all the sponsors and businesses that dedicated money and goods to the 2009 IS183 Hair Ball party and silent auction. We would also like to say a big Huzzah 1 and thank you to all the committee members and volunteers without which the IS183 Art School […]

Rural Intelligence – IS 183’s Hair Ball Silent Auction Preview

Dan Shaw of Rural Intelligence was on hand to cover this years IS 183’s Hair Ball Silent Auction Preview. YAY ! Thank you Dan ! Who is Rural Intelligence? Rural Intelligence is the brainchild of journalists Marilyn Bethany, who lives full-time in Columbia County, NY, and Dan Shaw, who lives full-time in Litchfield County, CT, […]

Really, really short skirts and big, big, big hair !

“We called them the bad girls of the ’60s,” said the singer Darlene Love, who met the Ronettes in 1962, a year before they became famous with “Be My Baby.” “They had the really, really short skirts and they had big, big, big hair. Most of the black entertainers of the ’60s didn’t look like […]

Message from Seth and Kris – IS 183 Decorating Committee

Hairball Central You are on this list because you have either been fabulously creative on past IS183 decorating committees or are interested in helping this year. If you don’t remember building the four horsepower motorized chicken in 2008, this is all the more reason to get involved this year. It’s mid February, your skin is […]

Mesage from Nicole Garzino – IS183 Silent Auction Info

To all Fellow Hairball-ers: We are finalizing the silent auction now so that we can have an auction that flows smoothly and a fabulous auction handbook. If you have any outstanding auction solicitations out there, PLEASE finalize and get them to me ASAP. I am starting to layout auction booklet on Monday, February 17. The […]

Pics from The Hairball Patron Cocktail Party

Message from Nicole Garzino: Saturday’s “Hair Ball” Patron’s Cocktail Party! At the event, we were all treated to a “100 Years of Hair” show designed and orchestrated by Peter Alvarez of the Peter Alvarez Salon in Lenox. Check out some of the hair designs at the link below – and get your ideas together for […]

Posters Hung ! YAY ! Message from Robin !

Hi Gang, The VERY large adhesive window posters have been hung at Mission, Jae’s, Haven, Peter Alvarez’s, Allium and Michele’s Salon.  If you pass by these places take a look (hard to miss them).  They are truly awesome and it was fun learning the intricacies of hanging them from Scott at WJ Blueprint.  Take a look at the […]

Message from Michelle Quigley on The HairBall Party colors

Message from Michelle Quigley on The HairBall Party colors Howdy! For all who might want or need it I’ve attached a jpg of the poster (slightly less than the full size 11×17) Will that work for you as a color reference? You might also grab a poster from the school and save yourself from having […]

IS 183 Party Tickets Available Online Now !

IS 183 Party Tickets Available Online Now for both the Dance and Silent Auction and any of the available dinners.  Click the image about or the link to take you to the IA 183 site where you can pay by credit card or PayPal !  YAY ! LINK