IS 183 Art School

IS183 is a non-profit community art school encouraging people of all ages, means and skill levels to enrich their lives through hands-on experience in the visual arts.

All classes are open to the public at all skill levels; beginners welcome! Many classes are structured for beginners with small class sizes; emphasis is on individualized instruction. Classes are available for children and adults, and most adult classes are open to teenagers, as well.


In the summer of 1991, IS183 Art School opened its doors in what continues to be its historic landmark home, Citizens Hall, in Stockbridge. Some 50 community citizens signed up for art classes that first year. Almost fifteen years later in the summer of 2005, IS183 Art School welcomed over 500 students to its studios in this same facility, in one season alone.

From absolute beginners to seasoned professionals, the programs at IS183 offer a wide range of artmaking opportunities, regardless of means. In FY05 over $12,000 in need-based scholarships were awarded. Further, IS183 employed over fifty faculty artists and served over 1,200 students of all ages—children, teens and adults, from the Berkshires and beyond—in year-round classes, workshops and intensives with local, regional, national and international faculty in Ceramics, Fiber Arts, Painting, Drawing, Sculpture and Mixed Media.

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IS183 Art School
Box 1400
13 Willard Hill Road
Stockbridge, MA 01262
phone (413) 298-5252
fax (423) 298-5257