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Message from Seth and Kris – IS 183 Decorating Committee

Hairball Central

You are on this list because you have either been fabulously creative on past IS183 decorating committees or are interested in helping this year. If you don’t remember building the four horsepower motorized chicken in 2008, this is all the more reason to get involved this year. It’s mid February, your skin is white, it’s time to get out of the house and do something fun with someone other than your kitty cat. The Hairball promises to be another bizarre party held March 14 Feb 11th at the new Shakespeare theater. We have lots of ideas for things to be constructed, glued and painted. We need to make crazy wigs and all sorts of things. So we are having a meeting this Wednesday night 7:00 PM. Please attend if you can, it will probably be the last meeting we have. However if you can’t make it, we will happily hook you up with a project. Please RSVP one choice below:

a) Yes I will be there Wednesday night, however I do not want to make a four horsepower chicken.

b) I can’t make it, but would like to help and am good at:___________________________ (making stuff, painting, sewing, gluing, conceptual ideas, writing copy, lighting etc.)

c) I have no interest in your ridiculous party, I like my white skin and 2 close friends

Seth and Kris Committee