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Pics from The Hairball Patron Cocktail Party

Message from Nicole Garzino:

Saturday’s “Hair Ball” Patron’s Cocktail Party! At the event, we were all treated to a “100 Years of Hair” show designed and orchestrated by Peter Alvarez of the Peter Alvarez Salon in Lenox. Check out some of the hair designs at the link below – and get your ideas together for your own “Look” for our March 14 Hair Ball Gala.

Invitations have gone out and should be in your mailbox. If you have not yet received one, info is available on the blog linked below or you can call IS183 at 413-298-5252.

Thanks again to all of our patrons and sponsor who made the cocktail party so superb!

Peter Alvarez Website

The IS183 Website

Facebook Group

Link to the Flickr photo set if Pictobrowser is down

If you want download access to the pics, please contact Kit Latham kit.latham@gmail.com or call 917-359-8870 (free – you just need to be given access)